UPS PROLINK PRO700SFC 650VA 02019445


UPS PROLINK PRO700SFC 650VA 02019445

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UPS PROLINK PRO700SFC 650VA 0 02019445

Super-Fast Charging Line Interactive UPS 650/850/1200VA

Wide Input Voltage Range
Universal Socket
Super Fast Charging

The PRO SFC series is a single-phase input/ single-phase output Line-Interactive UPS system with PROLiNK's latest Super-Fast Charging technology. It allows for the battery to be recharged back to 90% of its capacity within 2-4 hours, and is ideal for providing stable backup power to home/ small office applications. A wide input voltage range is supported due to the integrated 3-Step AVR which features 2 boosts and 1 buck to regulate output voltage. This helps prevent under voltage brownouts and over voltage surges. The unit also comes with universal sockets to allow for better compatibility with a wider range of devices.

PRO700SFC - Line Interactive UPS 650VA with AVR

Key Features & Benefits
Super Fast Charging
- Built-in super fast charger, battery can be recharged to 90% of its capacity within 2-4 hours.

- Automatically regulating and smoothing the power supply from voltage fluctuations to better prevent under-voltage brownouts and over-voltage power surges.

Universal Socket
- Able to support a wide range of equipment.

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