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UPS PROLINK PRO1501SFC 0 02019448

Line Interactive UPS 1500VA with AVR + USB Port

TRUE AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)
Full protection for Overload, Discharge and Overcharge
Super-Fast Charging
Simulated Sinewave

The PROLiNK PRO1501SFC/SFCU is a Single-phase Input / Single-phase Output Line Interactive UPS that is the perfect solution to protect any sensitive company data loss from unpredictable events such as power failures and high-frequency interferences.

Designed with an integrated 3-Step Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), the equipment is able to stabilize any voltage fluctuations and correct any abnormal voltages without having to switch to its battery. This also prevents drainage of the backup power and wearing out of the equipment’s battery life in the long-run.

In additional, the PRO1501SFC/SFCU also includes full protection, covering from overload, discharge, overcharge and overheating of the equipment. The in-built Intelligent Battery Management is included in the system to recharge batteries at a higher efficient rate, allowing the system to charge up to 90% of its capacity within a short timeframe of just 2 – 4 hours.

Key Features & Benefits

• Super-Fast Built-in Charger
- Battery to recharge up to 90% if its capacity within 2-4 hours
• Full Protection
- Warning system for overload, discharge and overcharge
• High Reliability
- Use of excellent microprocessor
• 3-Step Automated Voltage Regulator (AVR)
- Ensures voltage stabilization
- Prevents unnecessary battery life drainage
• Option USB Port and RJ-11 Protection
- Monitor UPS Status
- Shutdown of UPS via PC (Software to be installed)

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