Powerbank Uneed 8000 Mah Qualcomm QC 3,0 21000047


Powerbank Uneed 8000 Mah Qualcomm QC 3,0 21000047

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PB UNEED* 8000MAH QC3 2 21000047

UNEED QUICKBOX 8 8.000mAh hadir untuk anda yang memiliki mobilitas tinggi dan membutuhkan daya lebih untuk smarthphone dan tablet anda, sehingga menjadikannya pilihan tepat untuk anda. Hadir dengan teknologi QuickCharge 3.0 dari Qualcomm yang akan mengisi daya perangkat anda jauh lebih cepat dari powerbank biasa, dengan bentuk yang compact dan nyaman dalam genggaman, maupun disimpan di dalam tas, powerbank ini akan sangat menjadi teman yang tepat menemani keseharian anda.

Uneed Quickbox 8 8.000mAh present to you who have high mobility and require more power to smarthphone and your tablet, making it the right choice for you. Comes with 3.0 QuickCharge technology from Qualcomm that will charge your devices POWERBANK much faster than usual, with a compact shape and comfortable in the hand, and stored in a bag, this POWERBANK would be the ideal companion to accompany your daily life.

QuickCharge 3.0 from QUALCOMM
A POWERBANK with the latest technology from Qualcomm chip QuickCharge 3.0 certified, making one of the best products on the market, which can charge your device to 4x faster than regular POWERBANK (according to the devices that support). Quick charge USB 3.0 is in blue on Uneed Quickbox 8 8.000mAh.

With a capacity for 8.000mAh, POWERBANK generally takes up to 8 hours to fully charge, but with the technology of QUALCOMM may charge to POWERBANK with faster time 5-6 hours (charging with charger QuickCharge 2.0 OR 3.0).

Power bank has 11 kinds of protection, namely protection against overheating, short circuits, excess power when charging, and changes in voltage, making them very safe to use, as well as the protection of others.

12months WARRANTY 1 ON 1
Have a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase, and in case of damage (not caused by user error) before the warranty period expires, will be replaced by new products one unit of the same. (MORE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON WARRANTY CARD)

backward compatibility
(Support quick charge 2.0 & ordinary charging)
LED Display