TV LED Toshiba 40L2400VJ 23777


TV LED Toshiba 40L2400VJ 23777

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1920x1080 (Full HD)

Speaking of quality, TOSHIBA is one of the Japanese television brands that has no doubt about its reliability and durability. TOSHIBA 40L1600 which measures 40 inches and is included in this Pro Theater series with CEVO Engine Premium that can improve the quality of the image and sound released by this LED TV. In addition to the support of Cevo Engine, there is also Power Booster technology to produce sound with deep and tight bass booms. This Toshiba 40L1600 TV has a Full HD 1920x1080 resolution

CEVO Engine that Optimizes Image & Color Display

To produce better picture and sound quality, TOSHIBA L1600 is supported by the latest generation technology from CEVO TM Engine which can significantly improve audio and video quality. This latest technology also presents a series of new features such as Intelligent Scene Optimizer, Intelligent Auto View, and Audio Source Filtering.

These new features are able to present clearer and more detailed audio and visual quality. In addition, the graphics capabilities of this LED TV are also enhanced so that you can feel a more tense sensation when you play games applications, such as races to action games.

Contrast Booster, Visible & Vivid Display Color

One of the common problems when you set the level contrast / brightness on a TV is that the color in the image or object will be affected. This can cause the object's color to appear darker, or brighter and unnatural. Toshiba's innovation with Contrast Booster allows you to adjust the brightness of the TV while maintaining the original color settings on objects or images so that it still looks natural, more detailed, sharp and looks alive.

Equipped with Cricket / Football Mode for Football Fans

For those of you football fans, it feels obligatory to enter this TOSHIBA 1600 into your shopping list. Its Football Mode feature is enough to be an excuse for you to have this LED TV. Football Mode maximizes the appearance of images on the screen so as to minimize image details that are sometimes lost or blurred when displaying high-speed motion. Vivid, more vivid images are produced by this LED TV's ability to automatically increase the lighting on the screen. Besides that, cricket / football mode will also optimize the appearance and color like grass which looks more natural.