TV LED Toshiba 43U7650VJ 23882


TV LED Toshiba 43U7650VJ 23882

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Ultra Esential PQ Technology

Ultimate Beauty Is Realized By The Collection Of Every Detail

With Pro Theatre U series, Ultra HD 4k Panel expresses picture quality four times as detailed in pixel as Full HD. Futhermore, CEVO 4k Engine optimizes the every detail of picture and color output to achieve 'real as it is' picture quality to maximize your emotions. Detailed as real. colorful as real. this is the ultimate combination for ultimate beauty of picture quality.

Original Color
Original Beauty

Without Proper Color The Picture Quality Is Not Complate As Ultimate

TV picture loses original color when transmitted as signals to appear on the monitor. Wide Color Gamut restores the color of original image as natural and colorful as it should be.

Upscale The Beauty Of Your Contents

Full HD contents turned into the quality closer to Ultra HD 4K

While 4K TV is more popular in the TV market, 4K contents are yet to be fully available. TOSHIBA has prepered 4K Resolution+ which makes already-good Full HD picture quality even better one. The pursuit of beauty never stops with Pro Theatre U series.

Smart Noise Filter For Picture Beauty

This Feature reduces TV picture noise by quickly comparing a scene on the monitor with multiple scenes for ultimate beauty of picture quality.

Beauty Regardless Of Angle

IPS panel ensures that the ultimate beauty of picture quality is intact from any angles to enjoy the contents in the equal quality.

Ultimate Algorithm To Enhance brightness

This feature helps TV realize wide range of brightness. Brightness of sunrise, texture of flower petal, everything will look perfect when it shines "properly". Finding appropriate brightness is essential for ultimate beauty of picture quality.

Accurate Picture Contrast To Show Things As Real

This feature empahasizes and maximizes the depth of picture color so that any objects you watch, you feel like they are there for real.

Crisp And Clear Images Of Fast-Moving Action Sequence

AMR+'s complex algorithm avoids fast-moving scenes to become blur and captures every moment clearly. You will not miss every detail of sports or action movie sequence.

Quick And Easy

TOSHIBA thinks Smart TV is not just about connecting to internet, but about friendliness and convenience just as a Smart person would always be friendly to others, or think about convenience for other. How quickly you can reach your desired contents. How easily you can manage your access to internet world. "Quick and Easy" is our definition of Smart TV, to be friendly, to be convenient, and to be right by your side.

Minimal Design

Sophisticated and elegant. Minimal but Luxurious.

For Pro Theatre U Series, 'minimal' is not just simple, but an expression to sublimate the design into the 'Ultimate Beauty'. Beyond the existence as TV to watch contents, Pro Theatre U Series wishes to be an inspiration to Upgrade your living space.

Japanese product standard is known for safe, secure, and long-lasting quality.

Pro Theatre U Series complies with this standard without compromise to protect you and your TV from any unexpected causes.