Philips Vacuum Cleaner, 900 W FC8291

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Philips Vacuum Cleaner, 900 W FC8291

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Powerful inside and compact on the outside
Variable power available without taking up space

  • Hard Floor nozzle

    Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces,easily picks up hair and debris.

  • Small nozzle and Crevice tool

    The small nozzle and the Crevice tool help you to clean your furniture and delicate surfaces.

  • Light weight and compact, giving you the freedom to move

    You can easily carry and roll the vacuum cleaner around when cleaning thanks to its light weight and small size.

  • Small sized appliance for compact storage

    Thanks to its small size the appliance can easily be stored, saving valuable space.

  • Washable dust bag

  • Variable power settings

    The variable power setting allows you to select the level of suction depending on the type of surface being vacuumed.