Philips HD-9140 Steamer


Philips HD-9140 Steamer

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Discover fuller flavours
Steamer with Flavour Booster

  • Flavour Booster adds more taste with delicious herbs& spices

    The unique Flavour Booster of the Philips steamer adds delicious aroma of herbs and spices, bringing even more taste to steaming. Simply pop your favourite herbs and spices into the booster, and let steam do the rest. The heat from the steam releases delicate aromas from the herbs and spices, which thoroughly infuse the food with their mouth-watering flavours.

  • Optimal preset timings for fish, vegetables, rice and more

    Steaming is a delicate art, which is why the Philips Steamer has a wide range of preset timings that automatically shut off the steam once the ideal steaming time is reached. That will help you to cook a huge variety of foods – including rice, eggs, vegetables, chicken and fish – achieving perfect results that retain all the flavour and vitamins.

  • XL steaming bowl for soup, stew, rice and more

    With the XL steaming bowl you can prepare more varied tasty meals for your family. XL steaming bowl for soup, stew, rice and more.

  • Recipe booklet

    Recipe booklet with delicious recipes.

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

    Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy.

  • Stackable steaming tiers

    Stackable steaming tiers use less space for storing.

  • External water inlet

    External water inlet for refilling reservoir during use.

  • Keep Warm function keeps food ready for serving

    Keep Warm function keeps your food warm till it's served.

  • Descale indicator and water refill indicator

    Descale indicator and water refill indicator with signals.

  • Cord storage

    Cord storage keeps kitchen surface neat and tidy.

  • Digital timer

    Digital timer with ready signal and auto shutoff.

  • Removable bottoms to steam larger pieces of food

    Need to steam a large piece of food, like a whole chicken, or any dish that's too big for a single steaming compartment? Simply unclip the bottom of each basket to create a large single space. The steamer will do the rest for you, steaming thoroughly and consistently from top to bottom.