Philips Sports Headphone SHQ3300LF


Philips Sports Headphone SHQ3300LF

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  • 7.1-g ultra lightweight design provides ultimate comfort*

    Weighing in at just 7.1 g, these ActionFit sports earphones are so light and comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing them. Perfect for keeping you going right through the hard final miles.

  • Adjustable ear hook for personalised fit

    An adjustable ear hook ensures that the ActionFit SHQ3300 headphones fit your ears perfectly. Just put the headphones on and slide the adjustable hook up or down for a snug fit. Whatever your workout or terrain, your headphones will stay on comfortably.

  • Cable clip included for tangle-free workout

    A cable clip comes included with ActionFit earphones, keeping the cable out of your way while you push yourself harder.

  • Kevlar® Reinforced cable for ultimate durability

    Kevlar® reinforced headphone cables are tough enough to survive even the roughest of workouts.

  • Sweat and moisture proof — ideal for any workout

    Sweat or rain will no longer stop you from maxing yourself out to your favourite tunes. These Actionfit sports headphones are made of sweat-proof and waterproof materials, making them the perfect workout companion whatever the weather.

  • High-performance sound drives peak performance

    8.6-mm neodymium drivers pump out high-performance sound, pushing you to perform at your best.

  • 3 ear-tip sizes for the optimum fit

  • Insert earphones provide sound isolation

    Insert earphones create a tight seal in the ear canal, resulting in a strong isolation effect. Our oval acoustic tubes are ergonomically optimised to ensure an exceptional fit.