Philips HD-1172/01


Philips HD-1172/01

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- Setrika otomatis yang ringan
- Dilengkapi lampu indikator, pengatur suhu dan pengaman termostat
- Alas "Ceralon" anti lengket
- Panjang kabel 2 meter
- Ujung setrika menjangkau lipatan tersempit bagian bawah kancing
- Dilengkapi "Fuse" mencegah terjadinya kebakaran akibat korsleting
- Hemat listrik 350W / 220V
- Garansi resmi Philips 2 tahun

Fast and efficient - guaranteed
This iconic Philips iron helps to speed up your ironing.

Pointed tip for ironing tricky areas
The uniquely pointed tip allows you to iron even the hardest to reach areas.

Non-stick soleplate coating
The soleplate of your Philips iron is coated with a special non-stick layer for good gliding performance on all fabrics.

Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams
The button groove makes ironing along buttons and seams fast and easy.

Iron temperature-ready light
Indicator light goes off when the required ironing temperature has been reached.