Blender Philips Hand Blend HR-1603 New 18001238


Blender Philips Hand Blend HR-1603 New 18001238

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PHILIPS1 BLDR HR- 1603 HAND 8 18001238

Healthy homemade food made easy

for perfectly blended soup, whipped cream and more

-550 W, plastic bar
-0,5 L Beaker, chopper, whisk
-1 speed

Optimal food flow and blending performance
Developed together with the prestigious Stutgart University, Philips ProMix is a unique, advanced technology that uses a specific triangular shape to create optimal food flow and maximum performance for faster and more consistent blending.

2-button release system to easily remove the blending bar
With the 2-button release system of the Philips handblender it is easy to remove the blending bar for easy cleaning.

Single switch
Single switch for easy use.

Slim-grip to fit any hand
The Daily Collection Hand blender has a slim-grip to fit any hand.

Strong 550 W motor
Strong 550 W motor for the toughest ingredients.

Chopper to chop herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions
With the compact chopper accessory of the Philips hand blender you can chop herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions.

Whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise and more
Single whisk accessory for Philips hand blender for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pan cake batter and more. Makes your hand blender mutlifuctional and versatile.