Philips Citiscape Lightweight Headphone SHL5100PK


Philips Citiscape Lightweight Headphone SHL5100PK

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  • 32-mm high-powered drivers deliver clear sound

    32-mm high-powered drivers deliver clear, detailed and natural sound. Immerse yourself in every single note and nuance – any time, anywhere.

  • Fine-knit headband sleeve with a vivid design

    Inspired by fashion trainers with vividly coloured shoelaces, the CitiScape Strada's headband is wrapped in a finely knitted fabric sleeve so you can strut in stylish comfort while you enjoy your music.

  • Light and slim headband for exceptional comfort

    Your CitiScape headband is crafted from a super-thin and lightweight tube to ensure comfort. It is finished with a metal rod for added durability.

  • Open acoustic design for natural sound

    The open acoustic on-ear design delivers natural sound, at the same time allowing you to be aware of your environment while you immerse yourself in your music.