Panasonic NI-P300T


Panasonic NI-P300T

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Easily minimize tugs and snags with a curved, non-stick titanium-coated soleplate.
Quickly generate the perfect level of steam with adjustable settings.
Iron more efficiently with 1500W power and easy-dial precision temperature control.
Keep steam vents clog-free with anti-calcium cleaning system.
Enjoy tangle-free ironing with 360 rotating power cord.

Curved, Non-Stick Titanium-Finish Soleplate Minimize tugging and iron effortlessly on all fabrics with an ultra-smooth, non-stick titanium-coated soleplate. U-shape steam-circulating design evenly distributes steam for faster, more efficient ironing.

Adjustable Steam and Dry Settings Apply the perfect concentration of steam or no steam at all to all your ironing tasks. Set to HIGH for heavier and everyday fabrics, LOW for more delicate fabrics and quick, easy touch-ups or DRY for ironing when no steam is needed.

See Instantly When Water Level is Low The iron's large water window clearly shows when water needs to be added. A wide, easily accessible refill port helps prevent spills while adding water.

Tangle-Free Ironing Enjoy easy, tangle-free ironing from any direction with a convenient 360 rotating power cord.

A Shot of Mist Exactly Where You Need It Instantly put an extra shot of moisture precisely when and where you need it.

Keep Vents Clear for Clog-Free Steam Keep the iron's steam vents clear and working like new with a built-in anti-calcium cleaning system designed to automatically reduce natural sediment by minimizing build-up in the iron's vaporizing chamber.

Precisely Dial All the Right Temperatures Iron more efficiently with 1500 Watts of power and a convenient, easy-dial precision temperature control designed to monitor and maintain the temperature you choose.