Panasonic ES-2081


Panasonic ES-2081

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Wet and Dry so that you can use it in the shower too

Skin Protector system for greater comfort

Bikini and Underarm heads

Battery Operated

Takes two AAA batteries ideal for taking away with you on weekends and holidays.Standard Battery

The ES-2081 includes Panasonic's unique Skin Protector System for greater comfort

The ES-2081is very easy to keep clean and hygienic since it's washable under running water

Compact and easy to use making it an ideal weekend away and holiday companion.

Wet Skin Reaction
When the body is warmed in the bath for example, pores are naturally opened and skins become softer, and hair is more gently removed.

Dry Skin Reaction
When the skin is dry, the stratum corneum is prone to coming off. Dry skin is more inflexible and reluctant to release hair from pores. This roughly pulling of skin causes damage and pain.