Holder Jepit USAMS US-ZJ022 Magnetic Car Holder Emas 05017229


Holder Jepit USAMS US-ZJ022 Magnetic Car Holder Emas 05017229

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USAMS US-ZJ022 Magnetic Car Holder Description:

- Adopted electroplating and anodizing aluminum technology, metallic luster, anti-oxidation.
- Design by universal ball of 360° rotation. Adjust angle at any time to satisfy the need of the optimal view angle.
- The closed magnetic field formed by four S.N positive and negative magnets, it will not hurt the phone and will not affect the phone signal.
- Super strong adsorption magnet holding system, stable attaching your phone on any road conditions.
- It can be operated with one hand and freely placed, safely drive.
- Portable mini magnetic holder, does not block your sight and save space.
- Fully compatible with most mobile phones and tablets with flat back.

Brand: USAMS
Model: US-ZJ022
Material: Aluminum alloy
Fixed Position: Cold Air Vent
- 360' rotatable, adjustable.
- Aluminium Alloy, durable in use.
- Cone angle, sturdy and anti-slip.
- Magnetic adsorption, strong and stable.