Philips Sports Headphone SHS5200/10


Philips Sports Headphone SHS5200/10

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  • 24 k gold-plated plug ensures an ultra-reliable connection

    You can rest assured that the precious metal gold finishing on the plug will give you a more reliable connection for better quality audio.

  • Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound

    Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound with a deep, rich bass.

  • Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response

    The special shape and luxurious materials used for the ear cushions of these Philips headphones ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. They prevent audio leakage and enhance bass performance too. The ear cushions are shaped in such a way that they perfectly align with the area around a person's ear.

  • Pull Relief System increases cable dependability

    The Pull Relief system reduces cable strain due to repeated bending and prolongs the life of the cable connection.

  • Reflective neckband stays visible in the dark for safety

    Special reflective material on the neckband helps keep you visible in the dark.

  • Single-sided cable reduces tangling and improves comfort

    The cable is conveniently connected to just one side, considerably reducing the risk of tangling and simplifying winding the cable up for storage.

  • Textile covered cable lasts longer and prevents tangling

    The attractive textile covering resists tangling, is very long-lasting and extends the product life.