Air Purifier SHARP KC-G60Y-W With Humidifying Function Anti Dust Mode Putih 56789

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Air Purifier SHARP KC-G60Y-W With Humidifying Function Anti Dust Mode Putih 56789

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SHARP KC-G50Y-W With Humidifying Function Anti Dust Mode Description:

Main feature :
High density PCI 7000
Applicable Coverage Area for 48 m2
Fine Dust Block Pre Filter (New)
Panda Filter
7 Detections
Spot Mode

Plasmacluster Generator
The Plasmacluster Generator, which is implanted into this product, will release Positive and Negative ions into the air and then hunt harmful harmful elements such as Viruses, Fungi, Allergens, Smells, etc. to the corner of the room. These ions will form hydrosils on the surface of the particles to immobilize them. Hydrosil (OH-) is an active radical compound that will take hydrogen atoms and immediately deactivate them, so that dangerous particles such as viruses, fungi, allergens, odors and so on become paralyzed.

Micro-organism deactivation system
Ion generators produce Plasmacluster ions, positive ions and negative ions actively search for micro organisms, turn into Hydroxyl (OH-) and withdraw rapidly Hydrogen (H +) from micro organisms that will turn into (H2O), so the micro organisms are deactivated.

Panda Filter:
Black and white filter which has different functions.

The white part (inorganic absorber) can decompose chemical compounds such as VOC, Nox and Sox. *

The black part can decompose the SMOKE FOG compound, so that this filter becomes more durable than the previous one.

With 7 sensors:
- PM2.5 sensor, detects particles up to PM2.5 size & collects them quickly using strong puffs.
- Dust sensor, detect dust & collect it quickly using strong puffs.
- Odor Sensor, detects odors like odors from cigarette smoke and removes them.
- Temperature sensor, to provide comfort.
- Humidity sensor, to adjust the humidity of the room automatically.
- Light Sensor, Detects the light is off then automatically activates Sleep Mode.
- Motion sensor, detects the quantity of movement in the room then the fan speed is set automatically.

Spot Mode
With strong gusts from the front air outlet and the front louver can be adjusted manually until 20oke below maximizes air purification in the room.

Coverage 48m2
Ion Shower Indicator: Yes - Plasmacluster 7,000 ions / cm3
Humidify Yes + Temperature
Water Tank: 3 L

Max: 408m3 / hour
Medium: 240m3 / hour
Low: 72m3 / hour

Deodorizing Yes
Filter Life: 10 Year

Max: 72 Watts
Medium: 38 Watt
Low: 5 Watt
Stand By: 1.2 Watt

Dimensions: 370 x 293 x 660mm